Personal Stories

Having suffered with chronic shoulder pain for eight years, I doubted that Peter would be any more able to help than the many osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists with whom I had spent large amounts of time and money. Although I am still not sure exactly how the techniques Peter uses work, I have been pain free since my initial series of consultations. Unlike all the other practitioners, Peter seems to concentrate on the causes of pain, rather than just trying to alleviate the pain itself. This is clearly not great for repeat business, but is certainly great for his clients. I have no hesitation in recommending Peter to anyone looking for relief from unresolved chronic pain.

Dominic Hughes

I went to see Peter because I wanted to run again. After the initial assessment, it turned out that the weakness in my knees and general lack of energy had their roots in stress related issues and a poor diet. Peter helped me address the different imbalances step by step, through a combination of different types of treatment and prioritising key areas, including improving sleep quality and digestion and identifying issues which were causing me anxiety until the point I was able to follow a regular exercise programme to improve my posture and strengthen not only my knees, but also my spine and hips.

I have now started to run short distances, my digestion and energy levels are great, I sleep like a log and feel much stronger both physically and emotionally. I have just had to deal with a family bereavement, and know for a fact that without Peter’s help over the past year, I would not have been able to cope as well as I am currently doing, and my health would have definitely been adversely affected.

Victoria Agengo

I am a personal trainer and injured my shoulder while training. I was in agony from Thursday through to Monday, having to take painkillers every 4 hours to deal with the pain. Being in peak physical condition is vital to my job, not only to demonstrate safe and proper procedure to my clients, but also to be able to help them with the weights they are using. After just one session with Peter the pain had all but completely gone, and by the next day it was completely gone and I was able to train again. I would strongly advise anyone who has any form of pain, don’t put it off, go and see Peter Strange. The man is a miracle worker!

Dave Selkirk

When I first met Peter he was very prepared and had done his research. I was impressed with his organisation and knowledge and I loved the fact that he was very open and honest about himself. This always allows me to feel more connected to someone on a human level and I really think this has been the key to the things he has done working so well and allowing me to feel so much better. He works with a lot of kinesiology techniques, not only in terms of assessing the physical body but also in relation to the effects of metaphysical or emotional issues upon it. This may seem strange to many people but it is definitely true! I know this because my body doesn’t respond to anything unless it is the right thing for it. Peter Strange is the real deal!!

Jade Johnson – Olympic Athlete

Peter became my personal trainer at a time when I had sustained a major road traffic accident and had undergone multiple orthopaedic operations. Peter liaised with my Orthopaedic Surgeon and Physiotherapist and devised an exercise programme for me, which proved to be highly beneficial. Since the time of that accident, I have returned to my hobby of climbing mountains, largely as a result of the exercise programme I took with Peter. I found him to be extremely professional, very likeable and helpful and he was certainly able to inter-relate very well with the medical professionals that were looking after me. I also knew from other members of the gym where he worked at the time that he is extremely well respected and liked and I can think of no better person in this capacity.

Ronald Miller – Consultant Urologist

Several years ago my wife, Gillian, suffered a stroke which severely incapacitated her, affecting, amongst other things, her general ease of mobility. This incapacity was compounded by a number of subsequent falls. Peter Strange was introduced to us through personal recommendation and he proceeded to devise a programme of exercises which have reinvigorated Gillian to the point where she is now independently mobile, walking, climbing stairs, traveling by bus, car, train, ship and aeroplane without difficulty. Peter’s professional expertise and experience, together with his personal charm, patience, reliability and integrity enable us to unreservedly recommend his services, both as a personal trainer and for physiotherapeutic purposes.

Edward Thorpe

Peter’s services came highly recommended by a friend who had waxed lyrical about the difference he felt after a single session. Two months earlier I had sustained a left shoulder injury, which I hadn’t sought treatment for. During my first appointment with Peter he provided me with much needed pain relief for my injury and was able to identify the grievance, talk me through what he was doing and what it related to and why it was so effective and I left after the session with a 90% improvement in pain-free mobility. Peter monitors his clients’ progress with follow-up calls, to determine how effective the sessions/treatments have been and I have subsequently returned for further sessions, including food sensitivity testing, which has resulted in a much needed overhaul of my dietary habits. I have been very happy with my sessions with Peter and will continue to consult him on other issues. I would gladly recommend his services to others.

Chloe Okora

I met Peter about 7 years ago at a CHEK training course in California. Having just gone through my husband’s suicide, I was in a very dark place. And then I met Peter! He is one of the most caring, intuitive people I have ever known. From that moment until the present, I have had the incredible good fortune of having him help me through many emotional and physical crises. He has many gifts, but his connection with the human spirit and ability to locate issues and heal them is astounding.

Sherrie Glogosh

I began working with Peter because I needed a lot of help with conditioning my body. By then I had had inflammatory arthritis for two years and was aware that I ought to have regular exercise in order to control the pain of my condition. I also wanted to give myself a challenge the following year, and to go on a sponsored walk in Nepal to raise money for disabled children.

I found Peter’s approach extremely useful. He was helpful and informative, without being intimidating. He encouraged me to go that little bit further without putting myself under undue stress. In his care my body grew fitter and stronger and some of the symptoms of my condition were less disturbing. My joints became more flexible and I was able to walk with greater ease.

I managed to walk in Nepal for 7 days and raised £1500 for the Whizzkids charity and know that without Peter’s expertise and encouragement, the enterprise would have been much harder. I would happily recommend him to others.

Valerie Johnson

I have been seeing Peter for 4 years now and during that time he has helped me to improve my posture, balance, core strength and generally combat the negative effects that a modern day office job and lifestyle can have on the body. On several occasions I have spoken to him about niggles and aches and he has invariably produced strategies and exercises which have worked to alleviate them. I am not sure how or why these things work but the results are there to be seen.

Phillip Dodd

Since having met Peter my life has totally changed and for the better. He has helped heal me on every single level. I never imagined that from my first session my life was going to change this profoundly. Peter, you rock my world! I will recommend you again and again!

Juliana Jara

I started regular sessions with Peter to counteract the effects of sitting at a desk in front of computer screens. I had recurrent lower back problems, poor posture and my sporting activities were confined to cycling and golf. Two years on and one or two hours a week of Peter’s bespoke programmes has done wonders not only for posture and back problems but also for my general fitness and stamina levels. Whenever a friend or acquaintance complains of back problems, I unhesitatingly refer them to Peter.

David Lis

Peter has assisted me over the years with various lower back issues, which he seems to have re-balanced and corrected through his in-depth knowledge and experience. I have since had prolonged periods with little or no pain and can only highly recommend Peter to anyone who wants to try a different approach for healing their body.

Joe Ahern

I started with Peter aiming purely to work on fitness and body tone, but also ended up sorting intermittent neck pain, office-related backache and general posture issues. I have learned how to hold myself, exercise effectively and safely and use my body in an entirely more holistic way.

Rupert Sadler

My medical condition was triggered by the stress of my then occupation. The stroke made me walk with an awkward gait and to have a clumsy and very slow right side with poor coordination, and my endurance was also extremely lessened. I had basically gone from being a super fit ex-soldier to a sad case in need of a new lifestyle. The doctors told me that I would be very lucky if I didn’t require a walking stick. 4 months later I was discharged from hospital with a long list of tablets and a bleak future on the horizon.

However, being a person that was accustomed to keeping fit with a never give up attitude and also aware that I had a short window of opportunity to regain additional functional mobility, I decided to seek professional training and extra rehabilitation and that’s what brought me to engage Peter’s skills. He had the technical skills of personal training but he also kept himself up to date with new ideas, styles and innovations. He didn’t claim to have all the answers, but he was a problem solver and I knew he would help me reach some of my goals and this made me feel safe. This is called reassurance.

I still remember the first day Peter and I embarked on our journey. I say “our journey” because he made my condition and concerns his. This is called empathy.

Peter was motivating both mentally and physically, he inspired me every time we trained, I became a lot stronger through our controlled workout programs, with each session he would gently push me just beyond my then present comfort zone before progressing me to the next level. This is called encouragement.

I finally remember the first day I ran, a normal function I had taken for granted in past. This is called motivation.

Today I work as a Personal Trainer. This is called being inspired…

Paul Fuller

I met Peter at a time when my training and fitness levels were in decline and as former professional athlete who had strived to maintain my fitness for years, I was suffering from lower back pain and various other niggles and was finding it easier to find other things to do rather than go training. I had put it down to age, stress and the pressure of work but Peter helped me understand the importance of posture and good technique and guided me through progressive programmes to help me regain my strength and fitness. He also helped me understand that there is a mental and emotional side to fitness and wellbeing and as a result I’m feeling good, revitalised, and in great shape. My back issues are better, I’m definitely stronger and most importantly I now understand my body, my programmes, my mental and emotional state and what I’m trying to achieve.

Michael Shaw

Personal Stories Global

I have known Peter Strange for many years. We did holistic studies together in California. He is an extremely gifted healer, and one whom I more than highly recommend!! I have many old athletic injuries from my past (I am now almost 72 years old!). Through Peter’s remote sessions, I have seen a vast improvement in many of these troubled areas of my body. When in session with him, I not only can feel the energies pulsating through my body, but also feel them concentrating within the compromised areas. There are times when I don’t even tell him where those are, but he seems to zero in on them and address them!  This is a TRUE gift! I had pretty serious back surgery last November, and my surgeon is astounded at how quickly I have fused and returned to my athletic activities! Peter has obviously been a part of this healing. In addition, Peter is a very caring person, and when a person is in pain, that means the world!  Thank you from my heart Peter Strange for your incredible talent and love.

Sherrie Glogosh (USA)

Before beginning treatments with Peter I suffered from acute hip and chronic shoulder and knee pain. After my initial treatment I immediately experienced an 80% reduction in pain. I continued my treatments with Peter remotely because I live overseas. Shortly after returning home from England I sprained my ankle badly so I called Peter. As he treated me remotely the majority of the swelling in my ankle went down straightaway and the throbbing subsided. He exposed the emotional pain affiliated with the sprained ankle so that I could address it and prevent re-injury. After years of unsuccessful treatments that addressed only the symptoms and not the root cause I am grateful to have been referred to Peter. He is knowledgeable and extremely intuitive. I trust and rely on Peter a great deal and each time he provides me with invaluable takeaway. His method is efficient, effective and lasting.

Elizabetta Tekeste (Canada)

Peter gave me a distant healing like I have never experienced before, not even in-person! I am so thrilled to get my sleep back and some old injuries out of the way! I met Peter as an EFT pupil on my EFT training course in London way back when. I always learn something new from each pupil, and wow! Peter and I helped a lady walk without her walking stick and recover from stroke, and Gary Craig (EFT’s founder) published the story. Peter’s knowledge of the human body and how the muscles, nerves, and joints work together is simply amazing. I recommend that you go straight to the source and let him help you. Get a session, learn, develop, and let go of that pain!

Suzanne Zacharia (South Africa)

I had the opportunity to meet Peter at a Holistic London Fair in 2014. I really liked his approach and the results I saw with the person he treated in his mini workshop and demonstration. I decided to try myself and I was very happy to have done the sessions as many things were corrected at physical, energetic and emotional levels. Peter had mentioned he could even do this therapy remotely and I thought it would to be a good idea for my sister who doesn’t live in London as I really wanted her to try Peter’s healing. However, I went on holiday and just 4 days after being abroad I twisted my ankle badly. It was very, very swollen and in pain when I was standing on it and for the rest of the trip I was going to be on my own so I really needed a quick fix. Without doubting I texted Peter and I asked him to help me remotely. I never thought I was going to use his suggestion for myself but I am so glad I kept that information in the back of my mind. He asked me to stay quiet and relaxed for half an hour while he was working on my foot. After he finished I managed to stand up properly, obviously still swollen but I felt my foot in more balance and less pain. Without Peter’s help I could not have continued my trip feeling as comfortable as I felt after he intervened.

Alejandra Castillo (Italy)

Peter is nothing short of a pain miracle worker! I don’t know how it works but it does. I was a little sceptical of how pain relief can be achieved remotely without any physical contact but I can honestly say that my neck hasn’t felt this good in years. I have suffered with neck pain going on 8 years and have had physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage – you name it I have tried it! In just a matter of minutes (most of which I spent relaxing!) Peter had worked his magic and the pain had eased by around 80/85%. He then talked me through the blocks in my life that were causing the pain in my body and although it was out of my comfort zone he hit a few home truths and I could feel the tension leave my body. All you need for this treatment is an open mind, a quiet space and trust in Peter.

Kerri Morris (UK)

   After years of unsuccessful treatments that addressed only the symptoms and not the root cause I am grateful to have been referred to Peter. Elizabetta Tekeste      I still remember the first day Peter and I embarked on our journey, I say “our journey” because he made my condition and concerns his. Paul Fuller     My surgeon is astounded at how quickly I have fused and returned to my athletic activities! Peter has obviously been a part of this healing. Sherrie Glogosh     Since having met Peter my life has totally changed and for the better. He has helped heal me on every single level. Juliana Jara                                                                            

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