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Being pain free, happy and healthy is our natural default state, whereas physical and emotional pain or ill health is an indication of imbalance or dysfunction and a reminder that a redirection of energy is required.

Contained within us is the innate ability for self-healing and so when we learn to pay attention to the messages from our bodies and our lives in general then this healing can begin to occur. Occasionally however, we are so out of touch with ourselves that we are unable to access our body’s own subconscious wisdom and therapeutic intervention or guidance is needed.

Many conventional therapies are effective at alleviating symptoms and managing pain but true healing can only occur when we address the root cause of the pain or dysfunction with the objective of eliminating it completely and preventing its reoccurrence.

Through the experience of listening to his own body, as well as an intuitive understanding of how its various systems interact to create pain and dysfunction, Peter is able to apply The RESET Method in a way which ensures that each of his clients receives treatment that is tailored to their own individual requirements and pain is resolved quickly or prevented from occurring in the first place.

   Peter seems to concentrate on the causes of pain, rather than just trying to alleviate the pain itself. Dominic Hughes     After just one session with Peter the pain had all but completely gone. Dave Selkirk     I am not sure how or why these things work but the results are there to be seen. Phillip Dodd     Whenever a friend or acquaintance complains of back problems, I unhesitatingly refer them to Peter. David Lis                                                                            

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book your free initial consultation

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